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Welcome to my online personal training and coaching site…

Thank you for coming to check us out! Whether you are starting out on your fitness journey or you just need some extra guidance and inspiration, have a look around and see what we can do to get the most from your training.

5 reasons to use JONES THE TRAINER

  • We have a large and comprehensive members area to suit your training needs
  • Affordable personal training packages starting at 7.99 per month
  • We can train you remotely wherever you are in the world using our state of the art app
  • Over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the industry
  • Track your training performance, nutrition and habits within your own personalised dashboard

So how does it work?

You may already be a seasoned gym goer, fitness enthusiast or competitor. You may just need a bit of inspiration or guidance to keep you on track. My online training site has plenty of programmes and coaching information to help you along the way whatever your fitness goals. You will have access to demonstration videos, coaching articles and nutritional guidance. Your dashboard is accessed here through the members login page or via our app, which can also link up with myfitnesspal, MyZone and FitBit to help track your progress.

For those of you who are just starting out or need some 1-to-1 guidance, you can have access to the online training site and the support of your own online personal trainer. Using our quality online platform puts your trainer in your mobile device, delivering your bespoke programme. As well has the demonstration videos and coaching support, you will have regular check-ins phone/ video call and online messaging services. Your trainer is there to monitor you, guide you and update you as you go.

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I’ve been in this game for a long time now! From working with private clients to professional athletes, I’ve had an interesting and fulfilling career in fitness and gained experience in many different disciplines. Starting when I was 19, I’ve now had 21 years in the industry and gained degrees in Sport Science and Exercise Science. This allowed me to work with professional athletes including jobs at the Scottish Rugby Union and a Scottish Premier League club. I have always trained individual clients and find it very rewarding to see them get results, whether it’s for building up muscle, weight loss, sport specific or working on movement post injury. James and I are really pleased to be able to bring our knowledge and experience to an online platform to be able to reach more people with quality content. Whether you are looking for training inspiration or an online personal traininer, we have a comprehensive fitness platform that will help you get the most from your fitness.



I’m James and I am one of the online trainers at JTT. Mark had set up this app and asked me to join him on the journey at the very beginning. We want to find an affordable way for people to get personal training and make it as accessible as possible.
I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years now as a Fitness coach, Personal Trainer and Manager of a Health Club. My passion for fitness, training and working with clients has continued to grow over this time
I have a background in sports ranging from; swimming, football, cricket and golf to name a few. Many of my coaching methods I love to use have developed from training within these sports specifically for performance.
I am a very straight forward guy when it comes to training and performance. Hard work and dedication is ultimately what leads you to achieving goals. You will find me void of quick fixes, empty promises and magic pills. Equally, if you mention Herbalife or Arbonne – you go into Jonesthetrainer prison. It’s not nice in there, trust me…
I will be able to structure your programmes and give you the knowledge to reach your goals through training and giving guidance on nutrition. All this while finding a method of training you will enjoy. There is something out there for everyone to enjoy and get health benefits from. Yes, everyone! We are much more than just gym based personal trainers.
We want to help you achieve results. This might be through weight loss, hitting a new dead lift PB or simply feeling more confident and happy within yourself. Come along and join us @jonesthetrainer



My name is Amy, and for over 3 years I have been helping clients discover their love for fitness. I want to help more individuals feel happy, strong and confident in themselves by educating them about the benefits of training and what healthy nutrition looks like. I haven’t always been passionate about health and fitness. During and after my Uni days my weight was constantly fluctuating and I was on an endless diet-binge cycle. I ended up gaining 4 stone in weight and something had to change. I began heavily restricting my calories and hours of cardio, leaving me feeling tired and hungry most of the time and I soon realised that it was too easy for me to put the weight back on. Through learning more about weight training and nutrition, I started to feel stronger, I had more energy and saw a change in my body shape…this was when my journey to becoming a Personal Trainer began. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, improve your fitness or flexibility, my job is to guide you to create habits that suit your needs and the goals you want to achieve. This is your opportunity to discover what fitness looks like for you and level-up your lifestyle.




Gillian: When I started personal training I was looking to tone up and gain more confidence in the gym with different exercises and equipment. James helped me realise realistic goals for myself for both exercise and eating habits. He helped with tracking macros and calories. He turned exercise into something I wanted to regularly include in my lifestyle. My confidence quickly grew as I saw my shape change and my body become lean. James kept me motivated and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, helping me build strength I didn’t know I had!

Paul: I started PT with James after about 4 years of being lazy, eating poor and almost no training. He helped me get back into it, taught me the basics and always kept it interesting. I’ve been doing regular PT with James for over a year now and would very much recommend him to anyone.
Ross came on board to start a strength routine with JTT to help keep him accountable.

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