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Looking to work out your calorie or macro numbers?

Thank you for coming to check out my online personal training site. Whether you are starting out on your fitness journey or you just need some extra guidance and inspiration, have a look around and see what I can do to get the most from your training.

5 reasons to use JONES THE TRAINER

  • I have a large and comprehensive members area to suit your fitness needs
  • Affordable personal training packages starting at 7.99 per month
  • Remote personal training, wherever you are in the world, using my state of the art app
  • Over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry and professional sport
  • Track your training performance, nutrition and habits within your own personalised dashboard

So how does it work?

You may already be a seasoned gym goer, fitness enthusiast or competitor. You may just need a bit of inspiration or guidance to keep you on track. My online personal training site has plenty of programmes, guides and coaching information to help you along the way – whatever your fitness goals are. You will have access to training plans, demonstration videos, coaching articles, nutritional guidance… and even your own personal trainer. Your dashboard is accessed via the app or here through the members login page. You can also link your account with myfitnesspal, MyZone, Apple Watch and FitBit, to help track your progress.

Meet the coaches



I’ve been in this game for a long time now! From working with private clients to professional athletes, I’ve had an interesting and fulfilling career in fitness and gained experience in many different disciplines. Starting when I was 19, I’ve now had 21 years in the industry and gained degrees in Sport Science and Exercise Science. This allowed me to work with professional athletes including jobs at the Scottish Rugby Union and a Scottish Premier League club. I have always trained individual clients and find it very rewarding to see them get results, whether it’s for building up muscle, weight loss, sport specific or working on movement post injury. James and I are really pleased to be able to bring our knowledge and experience to an online platform to be able to reach more people with quality content. Whether you are looking for training inspiration or an online personal traininer, we have a comprehensive fitness platform that will help you get the most from your fitness.




Ross came on board to start a strength routine with JTT to help keep him accountable.

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