Enrolment open: 14th September 2023

Start date: 21st September 2023

End date: 14th December 2023 (prize winners announced the following week)

Cost: £83.00

Win Excellent Prizes

This challenge is designed to be a fun way to promote health and fitness. Everyone who makes the decision to start challenge has already made a winners choice but to add to the incentive there are 3 prizes up for grabs.

photograph of medals on white shapes

1st prize: £1,000

photograph of medals on white shapes

2st prize: Access to our TRANSFORM 90 programme to have 90 days online personal training (worth £249)

photograph of medals on white shapes

3rd prize: A years membership to our Standard Access subscription (worth £95.88)

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Previous challenges

Enrolment open until May 31st 2023

Start date: 1st June 2023

End date: 23rd August 2023

Winners: Sarah Machen, Jason Brookes, Vesna Hogan