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Amy has joined the Jones The Trainer team

My name is Amy, and I am delighted to be joining the team at Jones the Trainer! I have been Personal Training for the last few years and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and wisdom with those who are looking to level-up their lifestyle and become #builtfordamage*

I haven’t always been passionate about health and fitness. During and after my Uni days my weight was constantly fluctuating, and I was on an endless diet-binge cycle. I ended up gaining 4 stone in weight and it took being disgusted at myself for ordering two takeaways in one day, to know something had to change. I began heavily restricting my calories and doing hours of cardio, leaving me feeling tired and hungry most of the time. I soon realised that it was too easy for me to put the weight back on. But after learning more about weight training and nutrition, I started to feel stronger, had more energy and saw a change in my body shape.

After making this progress and enjoying it in the process, I wanted others to experience all the positive effects I was feeling, help them to feel happier, stronger and more confident in themselves like I did!

Since then I have been coaching a variety of clients who have looked to improve their lifestyle in a variety of ways, whether it be losing weight, building muscle, improving their fitness or becoming more flexible. Training this bunch of incredible people has taught me that there is so much more to training clients than just their goals – It’s about them finding confidence under the barbell, it’s feeling comfortable in the gym like they belong there, it’s having that one hour out of a hectic day to focus on themselves, it’s setting them up to having a productive day or finishing their day on a high.. and sometimes it’s just about showing up!

Whether you’re a newbie or an OG when it comes to training, I am looking to help you by working with you to find out what motivates you, how you train, what food fuels you to perform well, what you enjoy and what you can achieve. If you’re looking for a more 1 on 1 experience with Online Personal Training then fire a message to amy@jonesthetrainer.com and I can get you started!

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